Upon receipt of a notification for enterprise registration, the commercial sector shall examine whether the type of business to be registered falls in the list of controlled or non-controlled businesses. If the proposed business is not in the controlled list, the enterprise registration authority of the commercial sector shall consider!’ issuing a certificate of enterprise registration no later than ten official working days from the date of receipt of the notice.

In the event that the type of business submitted for registration falls within the list of controlled businesses, the commercial sector shall immediately forward the application to the concerned authority”. Such authority shall consider and respond no later than ten working days, except in the case of certain businesses that require a longer technical review process. Thereafter, the commercial authority shall consider issuing an enterprise registration certificate no later than three working days.

In the event that the enterprise registration certificate is not issued, a written response with reasons shall be given to the applicant for enterprise registration.

The list of controlled businesses and the timeframe for the technical review process as stipulated in paragraph two of this article shall be approved by the government only.

Source: Law on Enterprise (Chapter 2; Article 14)

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