To all of you adventurers, constantly on the move, and living in trailers, Ten Fold Engineering firm is introducing a new housing technology so your home can tag along with you wherever you go. The company took portable houses to the next level by designing self-deploying houses that can fold or unfold without the use of machines, manual labor, or foundations.

The portable houses can be transported on a truck to any place you like, and by the mere click of a button of a hand-held battery-powered drill, it will take around 10 minutes to unfold into 3 times its original folded size. The prefabricated unit, which can expand to 64 square meters or about 689 square feet, includes 20 square meters (about 215 square feet) of space to store furniture or any other appliances.

The house, that could perfectly function in disaster relief, has fittings and internal fixtures already installed, with walls and partitions of modifiable locations to meet different sizes and needs. It can also be equipped with modular pods to allow the installation of solar power systems, water-treatment systems….etc.

These relocatable structures can be set in different arrangements that could function as offices, large homes, clinics, exhibitions, shops, schools, or restaurants.

With the unit’s close production date, the estimated price per portable house is about $130,000, with hopes of price reduction in the future so that more people could afford them.

Many ideas of the UK-based pioneering company are still on paper, hence, they are looking for designers, engineers, architects, and manufacturers who would take interest in their line of designs. The company has developed two more designs. One is called” tree house” which unfolds to become a winged floating tree house, while the other one, dubbed “moot hall”, expands into a huge A-shaped tent.

Check out the video for this innovative portable houses experience by Ten Folding Engineering  in the following link:

All images courtesy of Ten Fold Engineering



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