MIND Media

Profile Information

  • From the Sector:   Lao Company
  • Full Name in English:   MIND Media
  • Full Name in Lao:   ມາຍມີເດຍ
  • Preferred Name:   MIND Media
  • Gender:   Other
  • Contact Number:   856-209-954717
  • E-mail:   soupha.boy1@gmail.com


Since 2017, we have been using “Mind Media” as the new name of our company. Established in 2008, Doklao is a Media Centre operating in support of the Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC). PADETC, an indigenous and all-Lao organization, operates with the objective on Education for Sustainable Development for the population of Laos, and focuses on encouraging changes towards a ‘Livable Society’ in Laos through holistic education development.

Highly experienced in developing media productions, Mind Media aims at making a valuable contribution in addressing pressing issues associated with the impacts of human activities on the natural environment, and critical surroundings related to the quality of life and standards of living in Laos, especially the poor segments in communities. MindMedia uniquely helps ensure rural populations in Lao to access all necessary knowledge on topics especially the ones that effect their livelihoods and their environment as well as habitats. Furthermore, MindMedia as a media professional agency is extensively skillful in the use of emerging and innovative approach for delivery training events on media production and its use to students, youth and government officials. Networked throughout Laos, MindMedia has the ability to channel information through twelve provincial television stations across ten different companies. Further to the experience in organizing mobile screening activity with rural communities and schools, we are also extensively experienced in the “Climate Change awareness for youth though film making” which has been supported by the “ProCEEd”. Based on what has come out through the project implementation, as closely observed by PADETC coupled with opinions of the target communities, it is strongly believed that the use of media and consultative discussions in awareness raising effectively make an impact.