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  • From the Sector:   Lao Company
  • Full Name in English:   FANGLAO Sole.Co.,Ltd
  • Full Name in Lao:   ຟັງລາວ
  • Preferred Name:   FANGLAO
  • Gender:   Other
  • Contact Number:   856-205-226211
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“FANGLAO (listening Laos) is a Vientiane-based dance company, founded in 2013 by the dancers Noutnapha SOYDALA (President) and Ounla PHAOUDOM (director) with the aim to develop artistic and choreographic practices in Laos. FANGLAO is the first collective experimenting, creating and transmitting dance at the crossroads of traditional and contemporary culture in Laos. At the heart of its activities are the organization of courses, workshops, and training, as well as showcasing and exchanging dance practices by organizing cultural events, festivals, projects and tours in Laos and abroad.

Several other groups of young dancers regularly attend the company’s workshops in Vientiane in order to train and participate in cultural projects organized by FANGLAO. Since 2015, the company rentes a space call “”Black Box””, in Vientiane, to organize regular trainings, workshops, performances and artist residencies.

FANGLAO artists has worked with many international choreographers during the “Artists Residency” at Vientiane during 1 to 3 weeks from Asia and Europe as:
– Olé Khamchanla, Compagnie KHAM from France
– Emeline N’Guyen, Compagnie Les Os Posés from France
– Ismaera Takeo Ishii from Japan
– Hannah Lord, Musician from Australia
– Jennifer and Gregorie, Compagnie Corps In Situ from Luxembourg
– Arco Renz, Kobalt Works company from Belgium.”


“Dances most practiced in Laos are traditional lao and hip-hop dances. Noutnapha SOYDALA and Ounla PHAOU DOM are from these respective techniques.

One, from Vientiane, started at school at early age, and the other, from a rural area of Champassak province, met hip-hop in the streets of the capital Vientiane where he has installed at the age of 15 years, with part of his family.
A few years later, Noutnapha and Ounla meet in the group of young hip-hop dancers, LAO BANG FAI to participate in dance workshops and projects with several European dancers and choreographers for nearly 7 years, and they are meeting with contemporary dance and both able to follow the training and projects by choreographers Gabin Nuissier (AKTUEL FORCE Company / France), Jean-Guillaume Weis and Jill Crovisier (Luxembourg), and Olé Khamchanla (KHAM Company / France).
Since 2006, they follow the choreographic and technical training with Olé Khamchanla who regularly return to Laos. In 2008, 2010 and 2011, they are invited to France for some exchanges, cultural activities and creations of professional performances with KHAM companies (Allan) and Stylistik (Lyon). This last recent year collaboration and training encouraged both young dancers to create their own dance company in order to live with their passion, develop their practice and mount choreographic and educational projects in Laos.”

FESTIVALS organized by Fanglao: – NAKAI DANSE since 2016 – THAKHEK DANSE since 2010 – URBAN YOUTH DANCE since 2014 – FANG MAE KHONG since 2010 – HIP-HOP Fest since 2017 – FANGLAO BLACK BOX Programs since 2016 FANGLAO Contemporary Dance productions: – “Break korn” (take a pause) – 2012 – choreography by Olé Khamchanla Tour in France, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos – “Pha Khao Mar” – 2014 – choreography by Ounla Phaoudom Presented in Vientiane – “Out Of Control” – 2015 – choreography by Olé Khamchanla – Tour in Vientiane, Thakhek, Luang Praban – “Sieng Neua” – 2017 – collaboration with Ounla Phaoudom with Hanna Lord – “Heau Lom Bart Jor” – 2017 – collaboration with Ounla Phaoudom with Hanna Lord Presented in Vientiane – “SPIDER” – 2017 – choreography by Olé Khamchanla Tour in Laos – “PHUYING” – 2017 – choreography by Noutnapha Soydala – “KIP” – 2018 – choreography by Noutnapha Soydala Tour in Laos and France International Dancers and Choreographers who was invited to lead a dance workshop for 1 to 3 days at Vientiane from 2010 to 2017: – Rafael Smadja (France) – Jann Gallois (France) – Abdou N’Gom (France) – Clarisse Vaux (France) – Bouzian Bouteldja (France) – Kavitha Krishnan (Singapore) – Martina Feiertag (Germany) – Kethya Chey (Cambodia) – Lola Kervoedan (Swiss) – Linh N’Guyen (Vietnam) – Boudha Than (Vietnam) – Lucy Krobova (Czech Republic)